Tamil rock bands are emerging as the game changers in the Chennai rock scene.


Why the name?

The band’s guitarist Jhanu and his brother were registering for a competition and filled Jhanu’s name in the space for band name. It just stuck.

Why Tamil?

According to Lawrence, the lead singer, “The singing comes out more natural when I’m singing in Tamil.”

How does the audience react to your sound?

We want to give a shout out to our favourite bunch of KCG students who come to all of our gigs. The audience reaction both in the city and outside has been insane. There were about 6,000 crazy students at the NIT gig in Kozhikode, Kerala.

Lyrics to live by

Yegandham Maraalam, Theepandall Yettralam, Neyaga Aadivaa Sivanae, Boologam Yaavillum, Unn Sayal Thondralam, Neyaga Paadiva Sivanae” (Let the world change, let the culture get destroyed, even then you are seen, The whole world has His identity, whatever happens, just go with it, everything is planned.)

Songs we never forget to play

Prachnay and Arakan

We sing about

Nothing is fixed. Whatever comes first, we go with the flow. We make all kinds of music, we write songs about love, discos, God and everything else. We don’t have one specific type of music but if we have to give our genre a name, it would be called ‘MOJO Rock’ which basically means ‘all out energy’.

Our musical muse:

Michael Jackson

Peek into the future

No CD as yet but we’re about to release our EP soon and we are constantly uploading videos on facebook. We love live acts, production is just an excuse to get ourselves out there.

We want our music to get to the masses. We want to reach the ears of the electricians, plumbers and auto guys.

Message to the fans

Have fun, live your life and don’t waste your time planning it.