College’s over and some of you have got placed. For those who haven’t, don’t lose heart because there is a lot more to do in life.

Fuel your brain, get innovative and think of new app ideas. This will do wonders in this crazy world of myriads applications.

Apply for internships. That’ll give you on-the-job experience.

Do something hatke! Make people smile, join an NGO.

Even medicos try their hand at movie direction, so why don’t you? Get creative, pen a story and make a short film.

Fine arts get a big YES! Preserve culture, learn and teach music and dance, upload your compositions. You may get a million hits!

Friends throwing a party? Help them organise it. Lend them your extraordinary ideas and give the party a theme. Show them your decorating skills. Become a party organiser.

A fashionista hidden in you? Tailor your designs and model them yourself; it will earn you kudos.

With load shedding on an all-time high, make your candles more attractive. Give them shapes and colours. It is sure to catch people’s eye.

Most important of all — don’t lose hope! Stay confident and make proper use of all the free time you have on hand and discover your hidden talent.

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