We would be completely lost without our amazing moms!

After the cultural extravaganza in my college, I was almost ready to face the forthcoming unit tests. I had to carry my ID card to write them. On my way to college, I realised that I had not kept my ID card in its regular spot in my bag. I panicked thinking it was in my other bag. Hoping against hope, I reached over to the normally empty side pocket. And lo! There lay my ID card. I knew my mother had kept it there. I had, as usual, thrown it on the table.

That evening, when I came home, I gave my mother a hug and thanked her. She just complained about my carelessness. But what is life without mothers complaining about our childish behaviour, right? This is my way of saying thanks to my mother for her love and tolerance towards my carelessness.

The writer is a I year student of BE Biomedical Engineering at Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering.

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