Movie: Mujse Fraaandship Karoge

Cast: Saqib Saleem, Saba Azad, Nishant Dahiya, Tara D'Souza

Yash Raj Films started Y-Films with the purpose of “promoting fresh talent”. What they actually meant was that they will be funding projects that would rehash Hollywood teen and chick flicks for the GenY audience.

“Mujse Fraaandship Karoge” is their second instalment after the abysmal “Luv Ka The End”. With director Nupur Astana, they have scored a winner.


Vishal and Preity, who can't stand the sight of each other, are forced to work on a presentation for Founder's Day that incidentally coincides with the 25th anniversary of their college.

Vishal is bowled over by Malavika, the hot chick, and sends her a friend request on Facebook and from the account of Rahul, the rock star for whom he writes lyrics.

Malavika, who lives with Preity and her mom, rejects Vishal's request, calling him a “despo”, and vacillates. Preity, who is smitten by Rahul, accepts the request on Malavika's account and begins an online courtship which Rahul and Malavika have no idea about until it spills offline.

What follows is a comedy of errors caused by mistaken online identities, offline personalities and pure teenage irreverence.

Redeeming factors

What redeems MFK is the performances of its lead cast with Saquib Saleem (Vishal) taking the cake, closely followed by Saba Azad (Preity). Nishant Dahiya (Rahul) and Tara D'Souza (Malavika) perform as well as their roles allow them to. Also the director has got the lingo of GenY down to the tee and has made sure the characters do not turn into caricatures.

The film doesn't waste any time showcasing other narratives; it focuses on what happens between Vishal, Preity, Rahul and Malavika. While this allows the film to be short (running under 2 hours), it doesn't let us get involved with the charcters beyond a superficial level.

Bottomline: “Mujse Fraaandship Karoge”, turns out to be a snappy and breezy film that delights.

VIVEK RADHAKRISHNAN, IT manager in a private concern

Keywords: Bollywood


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