Movie: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Cast: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, Michael Nyqvist

This movie is the fourth instalment in the “Mission Impossible” series.

The close knit team of Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, Paula Patton as Agent Carter, Simon Pegg as Benji and Jeremy Renner as Brandt are on a task to save the world from a nuclear war to be started by the Scandinavian nuclear strategist-turned-terrorist Kirt Hendricks code named Cobolt, played by Michael Nyqvist.

They also work on clearing their (IMF) names after being falsely accused of bombing the Kremlin.


The movie starts with a stunning action sequence just to prove its genre and, of course, what the entire film is scripted to deliver. This movie does not cheat the action lovers and like all MI movies, it's got swanky electronic gadgets and to top it all, Ethan Hunt and his team, along with their intelligent quotient and daredevil acts. The movie has some scope for humour and Benji (Simon Pegg) takes the centre stage.

Action sequences like Tom Cruise's escape from prison in Moscow, scaling Burj Khalifa and chasing Cobolt in Sandstrom in Dubai have been shot brilliantly and the use of IMAX camera in these sequences are evident. Ethan and his team go from Budapest to Moscow and then to Dubai and finally leading them to Mumbai. Anil Kapoor steps in as a Telecom Billionaire. His appearance lasts hardly five minutes.

So-called India

The sets depicting “India” have their own flaws like left-hand drive cars and Kannada hoardings in Mumbai showing the lack of detailing. When you are shooting a movie like this, you might as well travel down to the country and shoot to retain originality. Nevertheless, a good try.

The movie finally ends with a new beginning and it's most likely the same team which will work for the next one. The movie on the whole is worth a watch and should not be missed.

Bottomline: Three cheers to Agent Ethan Hunt and his team for keeping hooked to the screen for the entire runtime of about two hours and giving us all action that we expected and in a timely manner.

VIVEKANAND MAHALINGAM, Technical Account Manager,

Keywords: Hollywood