We asked four young and upcoming music directors a few questions about themselves. Read on to get to know the real stars.


Journey so far: I started playing when I was all of nine. I had not learnt any form of formal music. At 13 on my mom's insistence I took up Carnatic music. I bought a keyboard and started composing tunes and recording them on an audio tape. I also learnt Western Classical. This was the time I made my demo CD. I circulated it among many people thus starting off my journey.? I composed many ringtones and jingles. My work also included composing theme songs for culturals. On one such occasion, I met Bhagyaraj's daughter, Sharanya. I got my first break with ‘Parijatam’ In fact one song Unnai Kandene from my demo cd was used. I became the music director for the entire film. In all it took about three-four years before my first break.

?Best score: It would be ?Laadam?, a Prabhu Solomon film.

Your USP: I feel I'm gifted in that sense. Because my knowledge of music and melody come to me at the right time and therefore becomes the soul of whatever I compose.

?Future projects: ?Poda podi?, an untitled Tamil and Telugu film and a Malayalam thriller starring Prithviraj.

?Music you would like to experiment with: I want to do lot of different scripts. I would like to bring in world music and fuse it with classical and light music. I want to create my own style to make my mark.???


Sai Taman

Journey so far: I have spent 18 years in this industry and it's been a great journey so far. I started out doing several programmes on stage as a drummer. I then learnt the keyboard and also trained myself in rhythm production. I worked with several music directors both in Tamil and Telugu. It was in 2007 I debuted as an independent music director with ?Kick? in Telugu and ?Eeram? and ?Moscowin Kaveri? in Tamil.

Best Score: ?Eeram

Your USP: My USP would be my groovy style. That sets my music apart.

Future projects: Dookudu, Rebel, Ayyanar, Vandan Vendran are some of them.Music you would like to experiment with: I would love to make a movie like ?Rock On?. I love hard rock and we are talking on these lines.


Premji Amaran

?Journey so far: For me my journey started young. Born into a family of films?I always accompanide my My uncle Illayraja and my father Gangaiamman. Wwhen Yuvam statred making films i was with him and i realised i loved movies. Ii have also sungs songs in Anjali. I was assisting Yuvan and i feel my interest in muisc started because of him. I went later to London to study Pop Music and thats?how my journey stsrted off.?

?Best score: Chennai 28, where i orchestrated three songs and did the film's re recording.

Your USP: My uncle's style of tunes with new style of orchestration

Future Projects: Nobody seems to be giving me work. They all want me to act. Also i have not yet delivered a big hit so that's also a steback. But I do have a deal with Yuvan that if I am not acting in my brother Venkat Prabhu's film, then I'll be the muisc director...else he will. ?Poo poda ravi? is actually one of the films for which I was the music director but it has been shelved for a while now. Music you would like to experiment with:?I'm into hip hop and R& B and would like to blend it into tamil songs.


Yuvan Shankar Raja

Journey so far: Being a singing maestro's son I have always been in the spotlight. When I wanted to turn into music director there was a lot of pressure with all the expectations around me. This was both an advantage and a disadvantage. Having an iconic father gave me opportunities on some levels but the disadvantage being I had to prove myself. So I won't say the journey was entirely easy.

Best Score: For me it would be Naan Mahan Illa

Future Projects: Mangaatha, Avan Ivan

Music you would like to experiment with: I would love to score music for period films that's my dream.