With Azaaria, a one-stop shop for all fashion needs, Shweta Patwari introduces Chennaiites to the latest in fashion trends.

From footwear, clothes and bags to accessories, Shweta Patwari’s Azariaa caters to all that a woman needs. Her dream to live in style also finds space in the store with the customer being welcome to pamper herself with all the goods that a woman loves! Who will hesitate to do so when the owner herself says, “We promise that you will walk out of here without burning a hole in your pocket!”

Clothes and accessories... Passion or profession?

To stand out in a crowd and make heads turn was always my hobby since childhood. Slowly, this turned into a passion. Now my passion has become my profession and it cannot get better than this! Turning passion into profession is the perfect formula for success.

How does it feel to be a young entrepreneur amid many experienced counterparts?

Freshness is what a young and new entrepreneur brings to any field. Being young, you learn from the experts by observing their work, setting your own dos and don’ts and creating your own unique style and place in the market. It teaches you what to do and how to do it differently.

Was the initialphase tough?

Nothing comes easy; you have to pedal for the cycle to move. By the grace of God and the never-ending help from friends and family, this journey was smooth and easy.

How has the journey been so far?

Azariaa has grown from a small home business with a limited clientele to a full-fledged store. When I hear customer feedback, I realise what a long journey it’s been. Azariaa has helped me grow as a person as well; it’s made me independent, strong and persistent. It has given me my identity and helped to develop my own personality.

Education versus experience…

Education is never wasted. I studied B.Sc Electronic Media, something totally unrelated to my field, but it has helped me understand colours and how they work better. Also, knowing how to use different software helped me creatively! Education only makes the experience that I gained in the last two years stronger and makes me more confident to face any situation thrown at me at work!

How do you deal with competition?

Competition is always healthy! Instead of being sour, I take it positively and try to gain and learn something from it. Everyone has their own unique style and I am here to make mine!

Today, it’s all about networking. How do you market your brand?

Word of mouth is the strongest and the biggest networking tool in my field. People tend to trust what their friends have to say about the store. Other than that, we have a Facebook page through which we interact with our customers and try to expand and create more awareness. We are also working on a website to make our online presence stronger!

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