All of us want to take that first step to bring about change. But what are you actually doing?

We collect money from the team at our workplace and sponsor a child via various organisations every month. This takes care of both education and food. It has become a habit, and it feels great to meet these kids and spend time with them. KARTHIK PRABAKARAN, 22, Asst. Systems Engineer, TCS

A nine-year old boy works as a mechanic’s apprentice near my place. He wants to be a mechanical engineer. I help him financially so that he can complete his studies. This has also made me want to start a social organisation to and help the less fortunate in society. APOORVA SATISH, 20, electronic media, M.O.P Vaishnav College

I always use public dustbins to dispose trash. Last year my friends and I have been part of the beach clean up drives. The beach is a favourite hangout. So why not do our bit to maintain it? VIKRAM TANTRI, 19, Mechanical Engineering, Meenakshi College of Engineering

I am involved with NGOs from various focus groups. At Social Investment Foundation of India (SIFI), I connect individual donors with organisations in need of funds. As Campus Ambassador of Teach For India (TFI), I encourage college students to apply for the Fellowship to teach slum children. Such experiences are truly enriching and insightful. SWETHA VISWANATHAN, 20, B.A Economics, Stella Maris College

I added vocals to an election song with Adhi, which encouraged people to vote. Our youth should be aware of politics and our power to change things by voting. Through our songs, we try to promote civic awareness and a sense of cultural pride among youngsters. SIRAJ, 22, Beatboxer, Hiphop Thamizha

People spit and litter public places. They don’t understand that this is unhygienic and polluting. When I see someone doing that, I request them to stop and tell them the consequences. If we want to see a change in society, we should be the change. RAMYA CHINNASAMI, 22, MBA, SRM UNIVERSITY

I try to keep the public places clean and discourage people who smoke in public. Also, I consciously take public transport as often as possible to do my bit to reduce pollution. If we are considerate towards the environment and people, we will have a better society to live in. R. MALVIKA, 19, B.Arch, MSAJAA

I never litter a place when I’m outdoors and I insist that my friends use the dustbin to throw trash too. If there is no dustbin nearby, I carry it home and throw it in the dustbin there. In this way, I feel that I am contributing my bit to the society, at least in the easiest way. PRAHALADH RAM, 20, Architectural Engineering, SRM