Youngsters today want to accomplish their heart’s desires. A bucket list is the answer.

If you are yet to graduate from college, then it’s highly improper to talk about bucket lists in front of your parents. You would be ridiculed as it is assumed that getting a job is the ultimate priority for every college-going student. Most of us lose track of what makes us happy the day we join engineering courses, and the years that follow are depressing. As soon as you start earning, prepare a bucket list as it is important to reclaim happiness in your life. However, money is necessary in whatever you decide to do and you need to plan your savings accordingly.

Bucket lists are all about priority and passion. The most common and major ones would be to visit the seven wonders of the world, go on a cruise, scuba diving, gamble in Vegas, drive over 250 kmph and sky diving among others. My bucket list is pretty much everything listed above and a little more. Money shouldn’t hold one back from achieving one’s desires. May be you can add ‘become filthy rich’ as number one in your list so that you can accomplish the rest with ease. If not the common ones listed above, one can always ingeniously make a list and work on it. You can also include your parents in a few of those and let them know what it is to live a full life. There are similar things you can do if you’re still in college, a ‘to-do’ list like painting graffiti on hostel walls, long drive with friends, entering restricted areas, buying custom tees for your gang and organising a bike stunt or race. You can always Google if you want more ideas.

Preparing and accomplishing bucket lists are proof that you have lived your life the way you wanted. Making memories are important so that you can relive them when you are old.

“You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you.” — Morgan Freeman in The Bucket List

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