Movie: Nanayam Cast: Prasanna, Sibi Raj, SPB

One of the Pongal releases which received a lukewarm response during the first weekend was “Naanayam”. However, this film is drawing attention due to its impressive storyline. The film has a very slow-paced beginning marked by a couple of songs. The “Naan Pogiren” number is heart-warming and has been shot in picturesque locations. The sluggish start is compensated for in the later parts.

Fresh story

The plot is fresh and revolves around a bank robbery. Ravi (Prasanna) is an employee in a bank operated by Vishvanathan (SPB). Ravi's “world's safest bank” design is implemented in a new branch. The design is technically brilliant. It is really well thought of.

The story shifts gears after Ravi falls prey to a group of gangsters led by Farid (Sibi). Their motive is to rob the bank using the designer's intelligence. Double crossing, betrayal, deceit and exploitation are the key elements in this movie.

Eye for detail

Prasana looks handsome in his formal attire and Sibi has given one of his best performances. Farid's right-hand henchman Nogu has done an excellent job.

A lot of minute details have been taken care of. For example, Prasanna is shown as an Electronics and Electrical Engineer. It's this knowledge which helps him manipulate the access control for the sake of the robbery.

Also, in the beginning, he says that he's left with only Rs. 1.5 lakhs. That's exactly the amount he signs a cheque for towards the end. These are minor parts of the film but the director's eye for detail is evident. One of the flaws in the movie is the casting. SPB should not have done that role. I am sure the script demands someone much younger. The best department in this movie is the cinematography. Om Prakash excels in every frame, producing a visual treat. The background score by Sai Thaman impresses with every note

Bottomline: A well written story but an entangled screenplay