How we miss seeing the real picture…

In today’s world everything’s defined by “High definition”. I joined that league of technology by buying a video camera with 16 MP and 720i HD video recording.

With great pleasure I carried it on my vacation to Mysore. At the Brindavan Garden, during the sound and light show, I attained enlightenment. Filled with excitement and armed with my new digital video camera, I started recording the sound and light show. After a few minutes to my horror I realised that while recording the video my eyes were glued to the three-inch LCD screen ensuring that I was recording it properly, all the while missing out on the billion-pixel clarity image that eyes could capture. Instead,

I was limiting it to a three-inch screen in my camera. After this realisation, I turned off the camera and started enjoying the show live with just my eyes’ HD vision. (Also, thanks to the ophthalmologist!)

K. SATISH KARTHIK, IT Professional

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