It’s time to confess…online!

A few decades ago who would have imagined that we could take an exam , book tickets and shop online? Similarly, a few months ago who would have ever thought that one could confess online. Yes, I’m talking about the Facebook’s Confession pages, which have become quite a rage.

Started by the students of a college, it lets people make confessions in the form of posts. It soon gathered momentum and popularity as almost all colleges have their own confession pages and not surprisingly, even school students have started creating confession pages for their respective schools.

Since anonymity is maintained there is no hesitancy among people to make the funniest and the silliest confessions which when read really make us laugh and sometimes get annoyed too. The interesting thing is that these pages have become a medium for people to confess their love too.

A lot of the posts are about people expressing their love to their ‘respective crushes’ and the subtle hints that they give in order to mention their names is really humorous.

Reading the posts in these pages has become a favourite past time for many. As psychologists have rightly observed, human beings show more interest in knowing others’ stories and for former college student like myself it is like revisiting college life.

Now that confessions are in, what’s next? Absolution pages? Don’t be surprised if that happens!

D. MANIKANDAN, 21, Software Engineer


Spilling the beans, in secretApril 9, 2013

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