What would you do when the earth is attacked by aliens?

A bored chat coupled with the fact that I had just recently finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy prompted me to ponder upon one of life’s dilemmas: to be a leader or survivor?

If some aliens invade earth for our resources (read The Fifth Wave recently), will I fight or will I surrender? Obviously the first answer is, I’ll fight. But in reality, thinking about the various factors involved — our past, where we let other humans invade and enslave us countless times, the extent of my willingness to sacrifice my life for others and thinking about my loved ones, especially those dependent on me, to say the least will break my speed.

Is it fight or flight? Even in not-so-dramatic situations, we are often faced with this dilemma, like when face-to-face with a tormenter, for instance. The good thing for everyone is to stand up against the tormentor, but at what cost?

This sparks off another question — Do I really know myself well enough to make the right choice? Then another thought pops up. While solving everyday problems where it is not literally a fight or die situation, we often justify our choices by stating external factors. I’d rather go peacefully against the tormentor than fight and waste my energy. But deep down are we just using this as an excuse?

This trail of philosophical thought is cut short when I remember the saying — Cross the bridge when you come to it. I realise it’s only when we are faced with that particular situation head on that my strength, my beliefs and my courage are tested. Until then, I can only speculate.

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