Today being Michael Jackson’s birthday, we asked a few artists who will be performing at Buzz — a MJ tribute concert by the Boardwalkers — on how the pop star continues to influence their music.

Sunitha Sarathy


MJ is a phenomenal artist and a singer with amazing vocal dynamics, fantastic style and is one of the most brilliant performers of all time. His inspirational way of working, the drive to excel and his commitment to every detail is what I have imbibed.

Maria Roe Vincent

Singer / Vocal Director

I love MJ cos he’s brave and generous and has shown me that life is much more than talent, money and fame. And that pure work is always the greatest work, which makes me work hard as a musician and try to be an inspiration to others.

Sajith Satya

Bassie of Junkyard Groove /Franks Got The Funk

He inspired me the most by showing that you can be different and stay true to yourself! I think that was his main message. Showing both children and adults alike, that being different is not something to turn from, but rather to embrace. That is what I will remember him for.

Kavita Thomas

Advocate and Vocalist

MJ is the one artist any vocalist would dread to imitate. His unique and undeniable talent and knack for being an explosive performer with vision way ahead of his time has always been awe inspiring to me. It’s humbling and daunting for any artist especially a vocalist like myself but sets the bar of excellence.

Leon James

Freelance Musician

MJ has been an inspiration for me not just as a musician, but also as a human being. His love and compassion towards people, animals and nature showed me how it’s not just about giving out great music, it’s about being and doing the best we can in this small lifetime of ours.

Anusha Swamy

Asst. Choreographer, film industry

MJ’s taught me how to dance and that music can never let a person down. It’ll love you just as much as you love it or even more and also unites people beyond boundaries, black or white.

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