What can we do to make sure animals and birds also get to cool off this summer?

Summer is at its peak. The hot sun is becoming unbearable for every creature, including us, on earth. Sometimes it feels like I’m on fire. I have often wondered how other creatures manage and survive the summer. There are a few simple ways to ensure that they get some respite from the heat like we do.

We could keep a bowl of water on the terrace or a birdbath in the garden so that thirsty birds can drink from it. It would be a great relief for them. We can also put a shelter outside our home so that street dogs can find a place to rest in the shade. I also get some cooked rice and pour it in a bucket for cows. It’s nutritious and quenches their thirst as well. As for plants, keep them in the shade and water them twice a day.

I am immensely happy that I am doing my bit. But will everyone follow this?

Abinaya is a III year BE CSE student at Panimalar Engineering College.

Keywords: Indian weather