Get that perfect look.

‘Play’ and ‘fun’ are not generally associated with make-up. However, the 148-year-old Bourjois brand uses it to their advantage as they cater to women who want make-up made easy and fun like they demonstrated at the ‘Butterfly Effect 2009’ launch in the city recently. For instance, their 10-hour Sleep Effect Foundation not only erases any traces of sleep from your face but also manages to give that flushed look.

To choose the right foundation for your skin tone, apply some on your jaw line instead of your hand. If the foundation blends perfectly with your skin colour, remember, this is the one for you!


• Applying foundation: Use a brush or a sponge and never apply it in dots. As you start blending dots, the last ones will dry up and make the face look blotchy. Apply only in the centre of the face and smudge off to the sides. The idea is to get a “hey, you have lovely skin” reaction and not “nice foundation”. Never apply on your entire face as it makes it look flat.

The left-over foundation on the rim can be used as a concealer as it is thick and works best on darker areas of your face, and as an uplifter too. And when you think you have blended enough, do it some more — you will always get it right.

• Eye make up

An eye pencil can double up as an eye shadow. If your eyes are small, apply a little foundation followed by powder on your eyelids, which helps bring out the true colour of the eye shadow. Also the base coat helps make it last longer. Using an waterproof eye pencil to prevent smudging. Also apply nude shades instead of powder on top of the foundation. Experiment with bold colours but if you want to stick to the lighter tones, using your finger will help blend it better. Defining one’s eyes is the most important part of make-up. The volumising mascara is extra thick and helps curl the lashes making it look fuller.

Just hold your lashes up and move the brush using upward strokes for longer and thicker lashes. Water-proof kohl will not only define the eye, it will make it attractive too.

• Blushers

Blushes work as highlighters, which enhance features and give you that complete look. Use a concealer to up any attention-seeking areas. If you are on the darker side add pink to add the glow. Blush should be applied on the pad of the cheek. The place on your face where you get a natural flush is where you should apply the blush.

• Compact powder

Always apply compact powder in circular motions as it last longer.

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