Some ideas to spend your weekends.

I waiting for weekends to come, just because I get to see the world outside of my hostel! And where do I go? The same place EA, Spencers, Mayajaal and all the other malls we know of. I know each and every shop now! But why have I been going only to these places for the last three years? It’s because it’s where you can “Step in and come out without buying,” all for free without anyone bugging you.

So I gave it a little thought and this is what I found. It goes like this; first don’t waste your time in malls. If you feel going out alone is expensive, go as a gang. Trust me; it’s fun and sometimes not so. Try to plan your day’s outing in advance, ask others on how to get there and what’s the best time to get there, don’t go there all without knowing anything about the place. If you get a weekend, try using it wisely so as to refresh your mood and to get ready for week ahead. You could probably go fishing with a couple of friends rather than sitting in the same fast food store. You could enrol yourself in a club like the squash club or you could join a gym. If you like fun and adventure, try parasailing, diving in Pondicherry and so on.

Finally what I call the best deal — go to your friend’s place, one week one home and by the time you finish college you would have gone to all of their houses, spent some time there including sleepovers and having free meals.

Naveen Nagarajan, EIE , III year, Sathyabama University

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