Movie: Arthur Christmas Cast: Bill Mighty, James McAvoy

“Arthur Christmas” is a charming 3D animated feature set on Christmas Eve in the North Pole. This film reveals how Santa is able to deliver more than two billon presents in one night.

But the main plot is the story of Arthur, Santa's son who is in an urgent mission that should be accomplished before Christmas morning dawns.


Santa with the help of hundreds of elves and advanced equipment is on an ultra-high-tech operation of delivering presents to every child in the world with the use of S-1 — a two-mile long spaceship from which a million present-delivering elves descend and deliver. This operation is managed by Santa's elder son Steve, who wants to be the next Santa Claus and his assistant elf Peter.

Because of Steve's clumsy younger brother, Arthur, a child almost sees Santa, almost compromising the entire mission. In this troublesome moment, an elf presses a button in the S-1 unknowingly, which causes a present to fall and go unnoticed.

Bryony, an elf, finds the missing present that is yet to be delivered and alerts Steve who ignores saying that one missed present out of billion is an acceptable error. Arthur is also alarmed and recognises that the present is a gift for Gwen, to whom he had personally replied. Arthur decides to find and deliver the present to prevent the child's disappointment. He, along with Bryony and a few other elves, set out to find the present. Will he and his team be able to complete the mission in time? Will Santa be impressed by Arthur?

Swift and witty

Another animation which guarantees to entertain you till the end. Of course, kids will love it and even adults will enjoy. The movie “Arthur Christmas” is a happy family entertainer. You will be moved by its brilliant and endlessly amusing 3D effect.

Bottomline: Sit tight and enjoy the ride.