How the dictionary helped…

This happened when I was watching an English movie with subtitles. The movie had two college students talking. In the course of their conversation, they used the word “perplex”, which I had never heard before. I looked up the dictionary to learn that the word meant ‘puzzle greatly’. Finding the meaning definitely made me feel better.

Coming from a Tamil medium background, I was perplexed by everybody who spoke English fluently. I still remember a boy I had met during the orientation programme in college. He was my senior and spoke flawless English. I still kick myself for not following what my teacher told me long ago: learn one new word every day. This will help you in the future.

Knowing I was far behind the others, I decided to start reading English newspapers, watch English movies with subtitles and read Indian English authors. I have come a long way from there. Apps like ‘wordweb’ in Android have also helped me find the meaning of words I do not know. After all, life about learning and growing. Isn’t it?

(B.E. Mechanical Engineering, Final Year St. Joseph’s College Of Engineering, Chennai)

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