Reading the phrase "Housekeeping ain't no joke!", students may wonder if I had recently written my English exam... Yes, the very famous line is from Louisa May Alcott's “Little Women.”

Easier said

This is a repeated dialogue in all our homesby mommies, grannies, nannies and people who are into housekeeping...Sounds too easy, but this seriously is not like getting all comfy in your sofa with a book and eating a Ferrero - Rocher! Sweeping, mopping, putting things where they belong, doing the laundry, and yeah, finally cooking! Phew! Just thinking about it makes me tired! But think about the plight of our moms, maids and the people for whom this is the profession! The amount of hard work they put in to make a home look the way we want!

This is not just for you to think about those people! What will you do in your two-full months of summer vacation? I'm more than certain you can't keep loafing around for more than a month, so for the next 60 days, I demand that all of you help out with housekeeping!

Simple tasks

No, I'm not asking you to sweep or mop, I'm just telling you, put down your things where they belong, organise your own stuff first! This is the biggest ever help you can do sitting at home, and guess what, brag about it too!

Suprajha Sridar, Vidyodaya Matriculation Academy.

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