Cinema has played a huge role in influencing people’s looks. Designer K. Satkrit looks at some of the more famous ones.

During our younger days, how many of us actually grew our hair and tossed it back, just like Rajinikanth? Admit it, you would have tried to twist the aviators around and wear it the way he did at least once.

Ever noticed how many youngsters went in for a crew cut immediately after Ghajini?

It’s common knowledge that fashion, style and cinema have an inseparable relationship. This has more to do with the attitude of people look towards their icons for their own personal style quotient.

There have been a number of movie-inspired fashion and style moments. Here are some noticeable ones:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

The whole concept of the LBD is said to have evolved from Audrey Hepburn’s look which has remained a classic till today.


The musical redefined woman’s fashion and blurred the lines between girl’s and woman’s fashion with the reintroduction of little skirts and short tops. It brought in the girly and cute look displacing the rather mature and lady like look, which was then the acceptable norm.


Matrix is one trilogy that has contributed to fashion in more ways than one. There was a huge surge in the concept of minimalism in fashion after the film’s release, and a craze for patent leather in outerwear as well as small rimmed black glasses and the use of florescent contrasts with solid colours.

Avtar: The Spring/summer of 2010 was dominated by tones of blue. From tones of sky to electric blues to navy, there was also the impact of light denims in mainstream outerwear. Some may argue that the forecast preceded the film’s release but the brilliant blue tones, which evolved into fashion, cannot be discarded entirely.

Thus from Elvis Presley’s hairdo to Harry Potter’s glasses, Marlin Monroe’s mole to James Bond’s impeccable sense of style, followers of fashion and style have always looked towards cinema to fine tune their own sense of style. Closer home, there have been a number of films that were noteworthy in their impact on mainstream fashion such as Bobby from the 1970s), which created a nation-wide flutter in the evolution of Polka dots in regular everyday Indian clothes!

The name Paro can only bring back memories of Aishwarya Rai in Devdas and the way she brought chunky jewellery back into the limelight. Many women were also spotted wearing the Bengali style sari.

This phenomenon is found more in India than in world fashion, with certain cuts getting a filmy name like “Chandini” suits, for starters!