The art of making people happy…

As a prankster, I keep cracking jokes and pulling my friends’ legs often to ensure happiness whenever I am present in the circle. It’s not just boys who can make people burst into laughter. Girls can be equally good at it too!

This characteristic has been a lifesaver in many circumstances. It even eases an awkward situation. For instance, when my professor asked me why I was late for her special class, I replied that the train’s wheels got punctured. Her mood changed at once. She smiled and asked me to get in.

I try my trick with friends whenever I see somebody upset. One of my classmates seemed angry and upset. So I asked her why in my own way. She told me to go away. Immediately I started singing the Tamil song Neeya pesiyadhu, en anbae, neeya pesiyadhu...” with a sad face. She couldn’t help smiling. That evening, she called to apologise for her behaviour and even thanked me for having made her happy.

The message is that happiness is like a boomerang. The more you throw, the more you receive.

This piece is dedicated to all such pranksters out there. Nam sevai, nam naattukku migavum thevai!”

K. PRATHIBA, B.E. CSE, II Year, S.A. Engineering College

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