The Youth for Peace Initiative was conceived with the intent to engage young people in developing concepts of peace at three levels: ideological, practical and analytical on ‘Peace and I'.


“Youth For Peace” will have the following themes selected from Gandhi's teachings.

Cleanliness is Godliness (Garbage, water, electricity, plants, personal cleanliness and surroundings.)

Individual action leads to collective power (seven deadly sins as seen by Gandhi and looking at individual action for the above mentioned themes)

Love and peace are ultimate weapons (equality, sharing of resources, dignity of labour, war etc)

Now, it's your turn to be the change that you want to see. Based on these themes, come up with ideas that you think can make a positive difference in society and its people. Mail your ideas to:

My take

Responses to last week's quote:

Our greatest fear is change. We are so accustomed to our lives and lifestyle that even a small variation is intolerable! Our greatest enemy is fear — the fear to initiate change and fear to be the change. After all, we must be the change that we wish to see in the world. - Parvathy C., Final Year, B.E., Agriculture and Irrigation Engineering, College of Engineering, Guindy

Yes, I completely agree because, there is no weapon in this world greater than the courage of a pure heart that can calmly transcend mountains and reach milestones. According to me, man's greatest fear is the fear of death. And one's own inconsistent, uncontrollable mind is one's greatest enemy. - Vasupradha M., IV Year, B.E C.Sc., SRM Easwari Engineering College

Our greatest fear is the fear of failure and our greatest enemy is fear itself. I think so because without fear we face anything. We should remember Thiruvalluvar's words — “One should be afraid if situation really needs it. But being afraid unnecessarily will do nothing in this world”. - Sugarna Priya G., II Year, B.Tech Textile Technology, Anna University

The sense of belonging together creates a powerful bond, “brotherhood” and stirs up humanity. So what if all of us are different? After all, all our fingers belong to our own hands but none of them looks alike. Differences are to be respected and not discriminated. - Nishitha S., Std X, Pon Vidyashram

Quote of the week

Dignity and self respect are interpreted differently by different persons. The over sensitive may see disrespect in almost everything. Such a person does not understand what self respect is. He understands fear. - M.K.Gandhi

Do you agree with this statement?

How then can we retain self respect and dignity?

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