Where’s our sense of humanity?

When an accident in Delhi was widely reported by the media a few months ago, the question that was left unasked was why the passers-by weren’t able to show a basic humanitarian gesture by helping the injured woman. Now another incident forces me to ask: do we become extremely insensitive while driving?

It took an injured man on a road in Jaipur over 40 minutes to get help for his critically injured wife and already dead child. The passers-by were people like him but the only difference was that they were still on wheels but this man had been knocked off his vehicle and was now lying in a pool of blood. What goes through these people’s minds when they see someone injured on the road? Do they feel reluctant as their seats would be stained with blood? Or would they be late for a date or a very “important” meeting? Or is it a fear of the legal issues involved? Just think about how much a small gesture of help would be valued when you are in the same state as that injured man.

A few minutes of helping others is not going to hurt us. Let’s make sure that no other road bears witness to such inhuman tales like this one.