The ecstasy and enigma of being a 20-something...

It’s a phase, they say, when you experience all emotions together, jumbled up, back to back — weird to the extent that your thoughts play around perpetually in the labyrinth of your mind! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that until recently you looked forward to your birthdays and now you no longer because you turn a year “older” with every year. Whether studying or working or waiting for something to happen to you, the million-dollar question remains — what next?

Welcome to the “Being a Normal 20 something” gang. How we wish there was a 100 per cent accurate Help Desk or software that would give us the answers to our questions! But in this game called Life, none of us is given any cheat codes or power boosters.

Being a 20-something is when you start understanding the various circles of life. It’s a phase when academics, job, hobbies, family, friends and society all remain as disjoint sets with separate lines of focus. We begin to understand that education just teaches us “how to learn to learn” and that’s it.

How many of us, just for a day, get that thought that we can and should do something for our country or some kind of social work? How many of us convert them into actions? Yesterday you measured everything in terms of status and money; today you begin thinking about the very controversial definition of happiness. So what is that you want? (Oh! Do not bother to answer!).

This muddle of thoughts doesn’t appear suddenly, it evolved as a result of our observations of the world and its complex dynamics. We begin to understand its various components, their interaction and the resulting effect created. Enjoy this muddle, play around for now, we shall settle down sometime.

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