A justification to being selfish…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a selfish person. Be it academics, school activities or projects, my priorities centered on me. Even with friends it is the same thing. Whenever a friend of mine achieves something I cannot congratulate him/her unless I achieve something better or equivalent to what he/she has.

I always thought that focussing all my emotional and mental abilities on myself, my priorities and my demands would make me happy always, or at least, that’s what I believed. I lost some good friends because of my selfishness and I asked myself why I cannot stop being selfish. Is it my upbringing or a fear that if I’m not this way someone might take advantage of me? Is it frustration because of my incapability? Or is it that I’m just too concerned of what other people might think of me? So many questions and no answers.

I’ve always tried my best to fulfil all my responsibilities but never completely achieved them. Many of my friends (parents too) have brought this up and asked me to stop being selfish. But the thing is, I’m happy being who I am and will do things that make me happy. And to all those who’ve called me names for being selfish, to them I can only say ‘I am fully aware of who I am and don’t need you people to tell me. I know that there are other good qualities in me. I’m happy being selfish and will always remain so — selfish and proud.’

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