…say these Chennaiites, who hope to see the city get better in all aspects in the New Year.


I hope the regulation of traffic is better especially with the metro-rail project nearing completion in certain areas of the city. And as a sportsman, I dream of a new sporting complex in Chennai — an academy for all sports in one complex with World Class infrastructure and training facility.


S. BADRINATH, cricketer

I would love for the roads to be better all over the city. And I wish that people would follow traffic rules. It is everybody's responsibility to do so, irrespective of whether the cops and cameras are watching or not. As a sportsman, I wish to see other sports besides cricket, like football, hockey and athletics, to develop too. The city needs to have better infrastructure to help in that aspect and also I wish players of other sports are given more opportunities and made to feel as secure as we are in cricket.


ANITA RATNAM, danseuse

During the season, I had performed at sabhas in Mylapore and from that experience I can tell you that the city needs more public parking spaces and better roads. Such lack of infrastructure serves as deterrents for the public to attend concerts and performances. Besides, as an artist I wish that the media gives artists as much prominence in their coverage as they do cricketers or others. We need culturally sensitive reporting that showcases the versatility of the city instead of projecting it as a “wanna-be” Mumbai or Bengaluru. There's more to Chennai than just parties and inaugurations.



Provided the world does not end in 2012, I hope for the metro rail construction to get completed soon so that the traffic congestion is eased. The monsoon has resulted in bad roads which call for attention. As far as people go, I noticed they've got more aggressive. I even read a report in the paper that said the driver of a MTC bus had pushed an auto on to the pavement just because he would not give way. I think this aggressiveness is the result of people being pressurised by excess workload. I also hope for a city where women my size can find clothes that fit.


SUCHITRA, singer

I dream of a Chennai that treats its people, animals, infrastructure and heritage with respect. Politeness and respect are non-negotiable, in any and every context. I'd also like to see people at every level being, well, just “nice”.


Sharath Kamal, Table Tennis Player

My Dream and hope for Chennai in 2012 as a citizen is it continues to become cleaner and greener ( I liked that we are having more parks and greenery) and as a sportsperson I would like more international and national sporting events to take place in Chennai so that the young kids can watch and learn a lot from the professional players and this can also be a source of inspiration.


Citizens Speak

I wish the roads would be available for us to use at least in the coming year; now everywhere you turn you only see a “Take Diversion” board because of the metro rail construction that's under way. I want a city that offers a better nightlife to the people who begin their day at night. Also hoping there would be more public toilets almost everywhere so people can pay heed to the call of nature in privacy.

KARTHICK MURTHY, 22, Managing Editor, Be Stylish (Magazine)


I would love my city to be a place where we are aware of our roles in maintaining public places clean. Also I would want all children including the ones slogging for their family to avail their right to education. With buses being a paramount medium of public transportation I would want the frequency of buses to increase with non-rutted and less rocky roads supporting them for minimal traffic congestion to reach our destinations on time.



I'd love to see a few changes in the city. I wish that the government and public would plant more saplings. I wish the entire nation would look up to Chennai as the ideal city. I also want the public transport systems to be a little more organised. And instead of waiting for the government to do these I just wish we could do these by ourselves and bring about the changes we want to see.

SAI SHYAM G., 22, Programmer Analyst Trainee, CTS


I wish there would be talk of metro rail in the suburbs as well so we can connect to the city quickly. But topping my list is the wish to see my city become corruption-free. Hoping this New Year grants me this.

MUKUNDHAN DURAISAMY, 21, Software Engineer


I want my city to be clean and green. A city that respects its environment and stands up against pollution. A city with a blend of tradition and modernisation. A city where there is less traffic and accidents, and where people abide by the traffic rules. The day when these come true, I would proudly say, “Singara Chennai!”

SOWMYA SWAMINATHAN, II Year, B.Com, S.D.N.B.Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai


What I'd really love to see is an awareness about civic hygiene among people — no spitting, urinating or washing in public — just basic awareness because it's a nuisance to others. People also need to have some level of courtesy like wishing someone or flashing that little smile, waiting inqueue… I wish that people would drive with more patience and wait when required to.

ANAND MOHAN, 22, Design Technician, Caterpillar India Private Limited


I would like to see the city clean and green in the New Year! Political parties should understand their role and do their duty without causing any inconvenience to the public. Above all, the city should remain as it is with a blend of tradition and modernity.



Stricter implementation of traffic rules and violators should be dealt with severely. Proper electricity consumption and no power cuts. I wish the restaurants would be open round-the-clock. Better training facilities for sports people. There should also be a reduction in the use of plastics. I wish there would be safer homes for stray animals. Also, I would be very happy if something could be done about bringing the touring bands to the city as well.

MOHAMMED SAMEER, Final Year, Automotive Engineering, Vel Tech College of Engineering


Clean streets and better civic sense among its people! That's the first thing I want to see. The other day I saw one worker near the Cooum dropping his cup of unfinished tea just like that on the road, even though there was a dustbin on the opposite side! I wish for cold summers! Above all, people with giving hearts, who don't just feed themselves but also the less privileged. I want to see grass everywhere; lots of flowers and trees. I want Chennai to look like a big garden!

JERUSHA MARGARET, 21, Communications Department, Help a Child of India


I hope I get to see cleaner, neater and better laid roads. Wish people were more co-operative and with broader mindset. Better transportation facilities, improved sewage facilities, better overall infrastructure, proper garbage disposal and sanitation facilities like more dustbins, and comparatively less stink.

NIRMAL JOSEPH SEBASTIAN, I MA Communication, Madras Christian College



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