Then, ask Storelf for help. Payal Chhabria introduces you to the brains behind the venture.

“We love the Internet,” says Amrutash Misra, the founder of Storelf — the latest food-based order-taking aggregator of the city. After foraying into the world of books and movies, Amrutash Misra and Sahil Gore (co-founder), have added to their ensemble a “lifestyle” tag: food.

Food solution

Ever had to wait when you've called for home delivery? Or had to repeat your order each time you call your favourite food joint? Or encountered a telephone operator who doesn't know what is available at the restaurant? If your answer is yes, then the solution is Storelf.

Today, style and comfort are essential to call an experience “good”. Storelf is a food-based call centre that helps you order with panache.

Indeed, this unique interface between you and your hunger pangs is meant to avoid the above discrepancies. Misra reveals, “Our intentions are aimed at bringing the waiter-service experience to your doorstep.”

They take care of it all: maintaining a database of your allergies; your favourite restaurants; your previous orders so you can avoid the same dishes next time; counsel you on what tastes best with what and what you might be missing out on. In case you are a bunch of friends with diverse food preferences, they even provide you with the option of handpicking dishes off the platter of multiple restaurants. “Our phone calls go on for as long as 20 minutes sometimes,” says Misra.


Ask what inspired them to plunge into the world of food, and Gore explains, “It is logical. We began iloveread two years ago.

After that we handled delivery systems for both Tic Tac Movie Rentals and Fruitshop on Greams Road. Meanwhile, offers from other restaurants kept pouring in. So we decided, why not scale this up?”

Their aim is to help local retail expand through the Internet, which turns out to be a demanding task, given the conservative nature of the city's market. Misra says, “We really need to change the back-end process of any firm before taking it up, which is easier said than done, at times.”

For now Storelf caters to the stretch between Alwarpet and ECR. It has tied up with an assembly of food joints: Eatalica, Drizzle Cafe, Mast Kalander, Singh's Restaurant, Pupil, Tasty Jones, Vegnation, Mash, Biryani Paradise, Cake World and a bunch of private caterers. So, yes, Storelf has something of everything. “It was a conscious effort,” says Gore.

The duo's intensity and zeal seem infectious. It's a characteristic of sorts that comes through not only in their efforts of constantly venturing into new territory but also through their dynamic team, a bunch of professionals from the various walks of life.

The friendly elf

For all of you who flipped the pages of the dictionary to find out what Storelf means, here is the official definition: Storelf is a helpful elf who wants to support you with everything. He has magical powers and is an epitome of enthusiasm and patience. He is an official food guide who wants to serve you the best with the best value for money. All he needs to know is if you are, ‘Hungry, kya?'

Payal is a I M.A. Communication student at M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women.

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