The one thing we accept with all its flaws

As I took in one deep breath I couldn't help but smile. Finally, I was home again after a long vacation on the west coast. Why was I glowing with joy? For starters, here there are lesser bugs and lizards and of course, there are no fat aunties running to me to find out if I remember them as they try to entertain me with their childhood heroic stories of walking two miles to get to school! Chennai does have its defects like my crazy friends and the crazy heat but it gets outweighed by the good stuff like the fact that the Chennai Super Kings is our team to cheer for and also our very own superstar Rajnikanth lives here. On an auto back home, the hot breeze from the Marina beach, the sight of the overcrowded buses, movie posters all over the place, garbage piled up here and there. Even before I could catch my breath, I reached home. Mum, Dad, Sisters, all pretending to be excited that the irritating but awesome me was back! But really, there's no better feeling than the feeling of using your own bathroom!

Sarah James, XI, Spartan School.

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