Placement fever grip is on …

Fruits have a season to ripen and flowers have one to bloom. Similarly there is the placement season. Placements no longer depend on talent, personal skills, ability of a person and other similar aspects. It depends on the college you are in. All the top colleges have a tie-up with top companies and so the students are given more opportunities. Those students are even allowed to have dual placements. But there are many students, who have all the criteria required to work in a reputed company, but are not provided with the opportunities. Nowadays, students are forced to get placed in companies as soon as possible. Not because of survival, but because getting placed in a company has become a matter of prestige.

Parents want to show that their children are talented. They want to show off to their relatives and peers. I’m not trying to find fault in them. When I become a parent, I would want to do the same and showcase my children’s ability. But students are pressured. It forces them to even resort to suicide. This issue has a serious impact on each and every student. How is it that one can assess our ability if we are not even given the opportunity? A reputed company will come to the campus for recruitment and at most select 50 or 60 students from the entire college. We feel safe once we are placed in such a company, otherwise the problems don’t end there!

The writer is a student of Final Year ECE, KCG College of Technology, Velachery

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