What will the world be like in the year 3000?

I read somewhere that at no point in time has mankind been completely liberated from the tormenting factors endured by people in their daily lives.

I have always believed and continue to do so that the poor, the weak and the oppressed shall one day be relieved of all their hardships and that our world in which we live is always ascending itself to greater levels of perfection, to innovation and ultimately into an ideal place to live for everyone.

It sometimes strikes me as somewhat over-optimistic (if not unrealistic) and I immediately begin to doubt the destiny of the human race. If I was a religious person I would have simply prayed every day hoping and waiting for good to happen. And since I am not, a lot of questions rise in me — What would the world be like in the year 3000? Will there still be malnutrition and millions of other problems in our country? Will bombs continue to explode in the world? Will there still be caste categorisations like BC, MBC and OC? Would we have to protest against another rape in Delhi or a genocide in Sri Lanka? Who knows? We may have even more problems in the future.

The good thing is that the crystal balls showing the future do not exist; we just have to imagine them. It is high time that the government and the people realise that at least for those who don’t believe in afterlife, there should be a heaven on earth.

G.K. KALAICHELVAN, Media Sciences, CEG-Anna University

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