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Rich in calcium it's something that you need if you are going to have good, strong, healthy teeth. Cheese is even better for your bones. Calcium-rich foods like cheese are great for pregnant women. It contains B vitamins that help you maintain supple, healthy and glowing skin. Eating certain types of cheese has been found to actually have a positive effect on the immune system. The health benefits of cheese include relief from hypertension, and osteoporosis.

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Guilt free snack

Sugarfree cookies has a taste so rich and scintillating that it will come as a delightful surprise that the cookies are sugar free! UNIBIC Sugarfree Cookies use the highest quality ingredients carefully chosen in three delectable and appetising flavours – Butter, Cashew and Oatmeal. They perfect guilt-free treat as the cookies help manage extreme swings in blood sugar levels. So whether you are a fitness enthusiast, have a sugar related problem or simply prefer to eat consume less sugar to suit your lifestyle needs!

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Try this

Chicken cocktail is rich in vitamins and mineral which is important to our body. Selenium is another mineral found in chicken meat. It helps strengthen our immune system, regulate hormone metabolism and serve as an anti- oxidant that will serve as our defense against certain disease. This vitamin helps are know to help fight cancer cells. Chicken is a very good source of lean high quality protein. It is a rich source of niacin, a B-vitamin that protects that body against cancer.

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