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Our education system seems to have more reverence to money than for students’ dreams. We have no other choice rather than to continue in this unfair system. And I have seen someone suffer because of this.

Recently, my cousin , an intelligent person, had a dream: he wanted to be a doctor. We thought he would achieve his dream. But he had a severe back pain during his Std XII board examinations and so was not able to write the exam as well as he wished to. Even then he topped his school.

But he missed the merit seat by just a few points and was not willing to compromise and take up dentistry or veterinary sciences. Finally, he joined a reputed engineering college and now works in one of my dream companies.

On the other hand, his classmate, who scored average marks in his exams, is now a doctor. His father was a business man and could afford to pay his way into a private medical college with a donation of Rs. 45 lakhs!

This is our education system — if your father is rich you can achieve anything, otherwise don’t even have a dream.

The writer is studying ECE at KCG College of Technology.