Most of our parents would remember “Back to the Future”, an American science-fiction film that released in 1985.

Our favourite Time Travellers Marty McFly and his best friend Dr. Emmet Brown (Doc) are back in the new “Back to the Future Game: Episode 1”.

This cool sci-fi action adventure game was developed by Telltale Games, the American video game developer behind the successful the Tales of Monkey Island series.


This time, Marty's best friend Doc goes missing after using his time machine. No one knows where he went until Doc's loyal dog Einstein shows up one day in the DeLorean (Doc's car modified into the time machine).

Marty then finds out that Doc is stuck way back in 1931 and desperately needs Marty's help. Doc has disappeared from the town and is unable to pay his debt. To make things worse, the bank decides to auction all his stuff.

Marty must travel back in time to 1931 and overcome obstacles to protect the Doc from local gangsters and do what he must to bring him back safely to the present without disturbing the history of time. The game has an interesting storyline to keep you glued to your seat.


Back to the Future has good cartoon-style graphics and an awesome sense of humour. You get to choose Marty's funny and witty dialogues when you are having a conversation with someone. Moving around the city can be bugging because of the mouse controls and unchangeable camera angles, which can be cumbersome.

If you are breaking your head to solve a challenge, you can get hints by pressing the hints button, which is useful. As always Telltale Games divided the entire journey into a total of five episodes to be released one after the other. Though I feel it is overpriced at $ 24.95.

SHASHANK M., IX, S.B.O.A School and Junior College.