This Rs. 32-crore Dreamvalley product, directed by Selvaraghavan is a clear masterpiece. Black and red paint, arrows, weird nose rings and necklaces would have cost them 80 per cent of it. It would earn nothing but critical acclamation. Box office-wise, a probable ‘flop'. By the end of this review you will know why.

Probably inspired by Dan Brown's style of twisting modern murders and kidnaps onto silently-mixed-with-people ancestors of ancient rivals, Selva has replaced the Vatican and its enemies with our very own Cholas and Pandyas.

The story opens with a two-lin explanation of Cholan dynasty and then resumes with a promptly arranged expedition of an archeologist, army and load men in search of the archaeologist's father to the ruined city that was the place the exiled Chola Prince retreated to.

Highs and lows

The shocking events and the problems that arise form the crux of the story. The pre-intermission part set things up perfectly, with the thrill-comedy combo working well.

The second half had too many complex details and much history interwoven with either no-dialogue scenes or never-have-I-heard-this kind of Tamil. Though many felt the climax was sudden and stupid, I felt it was apt and title justifying.

A big negative of the movie is its complex story, which only a section of society will appreciate (You should have been in Hollywood, Selva). It is clearly a multiplex movie. After a logically strong start it loses its grip to magic and divine interventions. The major let down is the movie's gory outfit.

Aptly it reads ‘A Selvaraghavan Film'. I am not very sure how it could have been shot to suit the genreal audience because it is full of blood and gory scenes; surely not made for the faint hearts. The first half is full of ‘beep'-ed words and the second is full of could-be-‘beep'-ed scenes.

Now to the plus points. First, ‘the Selvaraghavan brilliance'. Next, ‘the classy Karthi'. First half is Karthi's half. Unbelievable, but he is just two films old. Parthiban is excellent and that is a nice bit of casting. Reema's daring role was convincingly portrayed. The photography is wonderful and the CG is not all that bad, though it looks obvious in a few places. GV's amazing background score makes the whole outlook jaw-dropping. Editing could have been better in bringing the movie to under three hours. Very long and now that they are trying for a U/A, the movie would be half an hour long.

Bottomline: Watch it for the directorial brilliance, technical class, and virtuoso Karthi. Not the best family movie. Once perfectly watchable, hope the outfit is better with the censor's yet-to-start action.