Looking for a bridge over troubled water? Krithvi Shyam, our young psychologist, addresses your worst anxieties.

I am 18 years old. A friend told me that he had a crush on me and that, even if I were to reject his proposal, we would always be good friends. I told him that it’s better to stay friends and continued talking to him like before. My mom knew about this. Lately he has stopped messaging me. I miss him and don’t know what he is to me. I feel scared to share this with my mom. How do I handle this? - Crushed

It takes a lot of courage to ask a friend out. Since you’ve rejected him, he’s probably feeling disappointed and embarrassed to talk to you. Don’t over-analyse the situation. Try talking to him normally; if he hesitates to respond, give him some time (days, not hours!) and try again. If you still get the silent treatment, then may be he wasn’t as invested in your friendship as you were. That means it’s time to put the whole thing behind you and move on.

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