I am a 23-year-old, and had worked as a project management (Sales and Marketing) trainee in an auto component industry. I am an only child. I grew up lonely and have few friends in college. Currently I am staying with my cousins and they are in the IT sector.

I had performed well in my job initially and the management too gave me a challenging role. Since October last year, I had started thinking only about my official problems, even on Sundays. So much so that I am unable to sleep and eat properly. This has gone further and affected my driving which led to a few accidents too. This had led to lack of concentration, communication in my job, negative thinking and a fear of failure. I quit my job a few days ago because of work overload and stress and I have planned to change my domain or even my sector. But somehow the stress has not gone away. Now I feel why did I quit my job and what am I to do at home. I have realised that the problem is with me. I want to be casual and take things lightly. Please help me.

Way too stressed

It sounds like you made the decision to quit your old job after experiencing burnout. Sure, your life shouldn’t have to revolve around your work, but don’t be tempted to go to the other extreme of being “casual and take things lightly” because of this one negative experience! The trick is to find a balance somewhere in between. Right now your priority is to apply for jobs and line up a new opportunity soon. If you enjoyed the work you did before and quit only because of the workload, then apply for jobs of similar type in the same or different industries. Join a yoga or meditation class to pick up relaxation techniques (it sounds cheesy, but it will help you learn to “let go” when you’re feeling anxious about your work). Start cultivating interests that you can continue to pursue even after you join work: enrol in free online courses on a subject you’re interested in, join a cycling group to meet more people, or volunteer at an animal shelter in the weekends. There are plenty of options available out there, you just have to look for them!

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