Looking for a bridge over troubled water? Krithvi Shyam, our young psychologist, addresses your worst anxieties

I am a media student. I am interested in news, but media was never my passion. I chose to make my career that suits my qualification, though my passion was something else. I am 20 years old and working in a highly prestigious institution. I joined two weeks ago, but I am not comfortable with the work or the people around me. The department that I am currently working for is not the one I preferred and I don’t have much knowledge about it. My friends said that I will get used to it. I am afraid to come here every day. I do some small work that is assigned to me, but I feel sick. My co-workers are at least five years older to me, and I feel sad. But my parents want me to work here. What do I do? – WEEPING INSIDE

If it makes you feel better, literally thousands of people across the world feel the same way that you do right now. You’re just two weeks in, so relax; it’s not time to panic yet! Nobody enters their first job knowing exactly what is expected of them. On the contrary, most people in such a situation feel clueless and scared. On the bright side, your employers and experienced co-workers know this. That’s why they start you off on the small tasks- to help you understand the working of the company- before handing anything major to you. If you don’t know how to do something, don’t be afraid to ask or clarify (but do some background research first to show that you’ve put in an effort, instead of immediately saying “I don’t know”). Your colleagues will be glad to see that you are taking the initiative. Your first year on the job is meant for you to understand how organisations work, pick up a few skills, and most importantly, learn from your mistakes. Very rarely do people get their dream job on the first try. So don’t give up right away! Keep working with an open mind, and once your employers see your dedication, they will begin to entrust you with more challenging roles. Also, the only place where you could reasonably expect your co-workers to be fellow 20-year-olds is in a Disney movie. Make friends with the people around you regardless of their age, and perhaps you could use your break-time to meet trainees your age from other departments. Good luck!

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