I am a 15 year-old-boy. I have been friends with a girl for the past one year. We are just friends but my school mates have started to pair her with me. I am afraid that it may lead to a big problem because she is not alright with pairing as it had taken place earlier with another boy. What should I do? Should I stop talking to her for her good or should I try something else?

Troubled and confused

Haven’t you noticed how, when celebrities go out for coffee with someone of the opposite sex, they feel obliged to try defending themselves saying, “No no, it’s not like that, we’re just good friends!”? It is entirely possible that they’re telling the truth, but it doesn’t matter because nobody is going to believe them. You’d think people would outgrow the annoying habit of pairing you with someone you’re obviously not romantically interested in, but unfortunately they never do. So the most effective way of getting rid of your problem is to relax and ignore the teasing. They’re probably enjoying watching you react in horror every time they tease you. So if you stop reacting and ignore what they say completely, they’re likely to grow bored and move on to the next unsuspecting pair of targets. You also don’t need to be so concerned about your friend’s welfare. Getting paired with random people is practically a rite of passage in school, if not in life, so she ought to get used to it by now.

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