Looking for a bridge over troubled water? Krithvi Shyam, our young psychologist, addresses your worst anxieties.

I am 15 years old. The results of my Std X board exams were out and as expected I didn’t do well. I had to take commerce with computer science because of my poor marks in maths. But my parents have started demotivating me saying that options are very limited when you take a stream without maths. I feel totally depressed. I feel everything is over and think it's right time for doing a suicide.


The only time people will even vaguely care about your Std X marks is when you apply to college, and then too, they’re not even given the same weightage as your Std XII marks. You’re not going to mention those marks in your CV or in your matrimonial biodata.

So what if you can’t take a stream with maths in it? There are thousands of gainfully employed people who dissociated themselves from maths after Std X. Think about what it is you want to pursue after school and what options are open to you. Enlist the help of your teachers and seniors to find out how eligible you would be to apply to those courses with the subjects you’ve taken. Armed with this information, explain to your parents that there’s no point in mulling over the past, but you’re determined to do well this time around, and you are really counting on them for their support.

PS: There’s no such thing as “right time for doing a suicide”. All times are the wrong times.

I will be entering Std XII next year. I have always been interested in studying medicine but I am not studious. My dad wants me to take up marketing field, in which he feels I will do better. He thinks I will not be able to score well in Std XII though I am good in academics. I have never been close to my parents as they have always been busy with their social life but I didn’t hate them for it. I just wished I had better parents. Now I have started developing hatred towards them because of this issue. I am not ready to accept that I cannot pursue medicine.


You need to speak with your parents to understand why they don’t want you to follow this path. Maybe you’re the type of student who is used to opening the textbook the day before the exam — something that I don’t think will work in your favour if you were doing an MBBS. Or maybe there are financial constraints; whatever the case, you won’t know the reasons until you ask! Why do you want to pursue medicine? Ask yourself why, and understand what your current strengths are. Based on your answers, try to find alternative courses that will bridge your interest in medicine with your existing skill-set and present these as options to your parents.

Finally, parents: If your kids are entering the Std XII, it’s time you stopped partying and started supporting them through their studies. Also, telling your kids when they’re about to write board exams that they’re not going to do well? No. Just, no!

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