Looking for a bridge over troubled water? KRITHVI SHYAM, our young psychologist, addresses your worst anxieties.

I am a dark complexioned girl. People tease me about my colour. But I do not care about their comments. So I always try to move away from that place. Because of this people come to a conclusion that I feel inferior and that I am running away from them. And they in turn they start to tease more. So please help me to handle the situation. - MS. MISUNDERSTOOD

An old internet adage says, “Haters gonna hate”, implying that some people who hold negative opinions on something stubbornly refuse to budge from their position, no matter how much evidence to the contrary is presented to them. As you rightly pointed out, your complexion should be of no concern to these people and it is important to explain to them that their comments are inappropriate and hurting your feelings.

However, if your words have had no effect, it’s time you went to a third party like a teacher (if you are a student) or your HR department at office, saying that your ability to work is being affected because of these needless distractions.


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