WTF has had a great run so far in the music stage and there’s more to come, says band member Abhimanyu. HARIN CHANDRA

Birth of WTF…

Wild Things Federation was formed in Jan 2012 when Venkat and I wanted to take a last shot at forming a band together since they had been part of several bands that did not last. Govind, Venkat’s college mate, joined in as bass. When we started, there was an instant musical chemistry that none of us had felt in our previous bands. It just felt right and we knew if we put our hearts to it we'd be able to go the distance.

The band members

Well, I sing and play the guitar. I am heavily influenced by blues, hard rock, rock 'n' roll and country. I am also a Biotechnology graduate from St. Peter's University and currently working on a solo project too.

Govind is an engineering graduate who has been playing bass for around three years, influenced by different music styles like Carnatic, metal and progressive rock. Recently, he has started giving bass lessons at affordable rates for genuinely interested musicians.

Venkat, also an engineering graduate, started out as a heavy metal drummer but defines his style by incorporating them into other genres of music.

The story behind the name…

(Laughs) We couldn’t decide on a name considering the range of genres we cover. But, in the light of college competitions, we had to hurry it up. Venkat sent Abhimanyu the acronym WTF! But that couldn’t be done (for obvious reasons). So then he sent names like Wild Things Funk and World Trade Federation. Abhimanyu simply combined the two and the name stuck!

The experience so far…

It’s been a wonderful! Each of us has grown immensely. We’ve learnt a lot from each other and we never stop. We keep pushing our limits and updating our technique. We’ve learnt from our mistakes, taken advice and feedback from all corners. We review videos of our performances and decide on further action. We’re hard on ourselves but also enjoy what we do!

Upcoming projects…

We’re working very hard on our first album. We’re aiming for an early 2013 release. Fingers crossed!

Classic Rock, Blues, Progressive Rock, Metal... which is better?

Ah! Well that’s a touchy subject that boils down to perception; each to his own. Classic rock is timeless. Blues is the blueprint for a lot of music and is Abhimanyu’s predominant style. Progressive rock is an acquired taste and is probably what Govind and Venkat would rank at the top. Metal is an art which revolves around speed, precision and energy. Those who master it are a treat to listen to!

Role of family and friends…

Obviously, friends and family have been skeptical. But they’ve seen how serious we are about what we do and supported us. Our close friends come to our gigs and encourage us. Support from the families is vital. In India, most parents want their kids to become scientists, engineers, lawyers etc without considering where the child’s passion truly lies. It’s rather sad. But at least our folks have given us our space and, for that, we’re deeply grateful. We’ll do our best not to let them down!

The band’s most memorable experience

We’ve had so many! Our first gig for sure! Despite every technical snag you could think of, people liked us! We’re sure there’ll be many more to come!

A message from WTF to rock fans…

We’re on our way... So get ready to go Wilddddd!!