Africa's fastest growing mobile devices brand is making its entry in the Indian Market. Mi-Fone's Mi-5QS, Mi-338, Mi-2010 and Mi-350a have been selected for the young adult mobile users. The handsets includes the Mi-Q (voice/SMS), Mi-Q1 GPRS with camera and Dual Sim card as well as the Mi-Q5S. With a full colour screen, FM radio and QWERTY keypad, the Mi-Q range provides affordable and quality user-friendly solutions in a compact package. The Mi-Q338 offers an LCD touch screen, Dual Sim along with analog TV and the Mi-350a not only has an antenna, which increases the reception by 2-3db, it also boasts two batteries - an innovative way of changing a battery whilst the phone remains on. Mi-2010 is a low cost Dual Sim handset celebrating African sports. It includes a camera to catch those memorable 2010 moments.