This article might seem like an ‘experience printed on paper' for guys and girls doing their Std. XII. Learning and hard work are drawn out of us at this time, not due to desire or passion, but out of compulsion. Students are made to sit in labs, for example, like specimen in a bottle, without work, but we call them ‘practical classes.'

From the heart

I am reminded of my mother's experiences of practical classes; they took walks in their school garden and learnt the binomial names of plants! She even tells me about trips my aunt made to Ooty, to prepare herbariums! Learning should be from the heart. It's really disheartening to know that marks we get play such a big role in our lives.

There should be some choice given to us, not just in choosing the questions in the question paper, but also for the subjects we take up. It's high time our government changes the education system, not just by changing marks to grades, but also in the syllabus pattern and the subjects we are made to learn. And most importantly learning in the right way!

PRIYANKA RAMAMURTHY, XII, DAV Higher Secondary School, Mogappair.

Keywords: education