Wonderland - Indulge in good coffee and yummy bites at your own pace.

I love glitzy cafés when walking in together, but waiting I prefer to do at less conspicuous places which aren't chock-a-block with folks and yet not eerily quiet that I'm the only customer the waiters have seen in days. Wonderland in Anna Nagar is one such café where not only can you wait at ease, you can also comfortably sit by yourself for hours.

Breezy feel

The quirky balcony seating comprising plastic purple chairs, the string curtains that separate tables and convert them into makeshift cubicles with an iota of privacy and the comforting blue walls remind one of an erstwhile beach café. Holding the fort taht sunny afternoon we'd visited was Mohan, a cheerful waiter who catered to every whim of ours.

Coffee is the staple accompaniment to rendezvous in cafes so it's little wonder that they're the scale most hangouts are ranked on. Wonderland fares well on the caffeine meter.

Sips and bites

The cold coffee here though iced is surprisingly creamy; the cappuccino is value for money and the hazelnut latte is nutty as promised by the menu. We couldn't enjoy the powdery black forest shake much possibly because our heart went out to the unsuspecting slice that was marched to the blender for slaughter. The iced tea is too sweet so ask them to be stingy with the sugar and it should taste fine. ‘If you want to eat go to a restaurant'. A friend famously once remarked ‘At cafes one pays for the ambience, not the food'. And even those of you who disagree with this statement won't be disappointed at Wonderland.

The spicy corn potato burger is possibly the best Indian-ised corn burger we've tasted and the fries that accompanied it were definitely good. The Arrabiata was too sweet, almost like it was made with ketchup. However the ‘magic mushroom' penne was generously flavoured and spiced unlike its bland counterparts in other cafes.

Sweet tooths can dive into the Chocolate Sutra which is a sinful combination of all things chocolaty. The bill is not likely to make a dent in your pocket with most items being priced under Rs. 100. Eye-candy at the store is sparse so feel free to walk in during your bad-hair and fat days.


139 , AC Block, Shanthi Colony Main Road, Anna Nagar

Ph: 044-42170629

E-mail: cafewonderland@gmail.com

Shilpa is a Vth Year, M.Sc. Electronic Media student at Anna University.