Dear Chief Minister, want to watch Star Trek?

I understand that you are a very important person who needs to be in important places on time for the state to function. But is it morally right that whenever you travel, 50 cars come along with you and create traffic blocks in at least 10 important junctions in the city?

I was stuck in a bus with an exam the next day. I was just one person out of the 30 in the bus, just one out of the hundreds of vehicles in that intersection, which was one of the many intersections that were blocked. Think about the people, who have a life-deciding interview to attend, an appointment to keep, the chief guests who will be late thereby delaying functions and worst of all, the ambulances that get stuck. Are you more important than all of them?

Maybe you should remember that you are a public servant whose job is to help the citizens, not cut a few thousand man hours. If you’re so scared of the traffic, shouldn’t you be doing something about it? Maybe watching some Star Trek might do some good and remind you that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

The writer is a student in Loyola College

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