Jitesh Dharmaraj on how Tails on fire has fired up the music scene in the city.

Tails on Fire, a popular band in the city, are also the winners of the Chennai Band Hunt 2011. You can spot them at most music events, belting out numbers that find the audience head-banging. Recently, they entertained the audience at the Indo- German Urban Mela with their combination of grunge, rock, funk, alternative and blues. NXg caught up with the band to find out what gets them ticking.

How did Tails on Fire come together?

Sriram, Ritesh and I have been friends for many years. We've all been parts of various other bands but never really played together. I met Karan a couple of years ago and introduced him to the rest of the guys casually. Next thing you know, the four of us were at it.

How did “Move” come about?

'Move' was the first original we wrote. It was probably our first time together as a band and the song was the product of us bumming around at practice. The song’s about people in your life who just “Move” away for whatever reason.

What is the genre or sound that would best describe you as a band?

Sriram calls it “Mojo Rock”. Someone called it “Frat Rock”. I think it’s just “Rock”.

How is it performing to a live audience?

We love live gigs. Nothing beats a Live Performance.

Where is the band headed?

No long term plans. We plan to take it step by step and just go with the flow.