What it’s like to study amid the scenic beaches of the Andamans…

I am a student of engineering in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. A fully equipped government engineering college was opened recently as a technical college; the first batch is in its fourth year. I, a freshman, would like to enlighten you on what it means to study in a college that’s in an exotic location and still feel right at home. The college has everything a technical institute desires and more: professionally qualified teachers, latest equipment, multi-purpose gymnasium, a really large auditorium, workshops for each department…the whole nine yards.

Want more? Picture this: Island weather 12 months a year with cool breeze caressing your hair as you listen to the lectures sitting beside a window, a life in pristine and serene beauty away from pollution, population and poverty of metropolitan cities, accessible and relatively less crowded State transport buses. And if the course load of engineering gets you down, then immerse yourself in the famous beaches of Andamans. The boys in the islands really know how to party.

And don’t worry, placements are really lucrative. Since Andaman is a port, mechanical engineers are perennially in demand; shipping corporations need marine engineers. If you still want to drop out and study to get into IIT’s and NIT’s, that’s your loss.

MOHAMMED KAMRAN, I Year, B.Tech Civil Engineering, B.R Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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