The last of the Mass Effect trilogy is the perfect end to an epic battle.

Mass Effect 3 is one of the biggest games in the sci-fi genre to release this year. It was developed and released by the legendary game makers Bioware & Electronic Arts as a conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy.

In this, for the first time, the gamers can select the style: either role playing or action or story. Gamers can even import the protagonist they created in Mass Effect 2. The game features an excellent story and addictive action system that will surely satisfy Mass Effect fans.

Game play

Shepard, the commander of the human race, joins his squad from various races in the universe and strives to save our galaxy. Earlier in the prequel, antagonist Saran, the spectre from Turian, steals the beacon, a Protheon technology, from the humans and joins the Geth army to invoke the Reapers after 50,000 years and to colonise the galaxy.

To stop Saran the council gives Shepard spectre status; the first human to attain this status, and the mission to stop the abiotic Reapers and to save our galaxy from those death machines.

In Mass Effect 3, the Humans versus Reapers saga comes to an end. The climax depends on the gamers as there are multiple endings according to the game play.

During game play, Shepard can easily and effectively instruct his squad against the foes and upgrade his weapons and armour from the points he gains as the enemies in Mass Effect 3 are vigorous and brutal. All the missions and side quests are well designed to convey that war has truly begun.

Different experience

The game provides a different experience as the story's progession is solely in the gamer's hands. The combat system and graphics are more mature than its predecessors.

The gamers can enjoy the fiction of death, love, war and prejudice by playing the trilogy from the beginning.

Balaganesh is a 23-year-old IT professional and an avid gamer.

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