When ignorance by the educational authorities isn’t bliss…

Colleges today are sprouting like mushrooms after the rains. This is my experience of studying in one such “mushroom”.

After school, I chose a low-profile college due to my family's circumstances. Since the administration hired the staff for low wages, their quality was also poor. So, I began to spend a lot of time in the library, because books possess knowledge, which is not college-dependent.

Most of the students in my college were from a rural background. For them gaining admission into a college was itself a dream come true. Most of them had studied in schools where regional language was the medium of instruction, and were frightened to look up English books. And I couldn’t connect with them.

If you heard the lectures delivered by my professors, you would have easily found many mistakes. The astonishing thing is that, except me, no one else was bothered by this. So the college continued producing jobless degree holders every year with complete efficiency.

I used to watch video lectures of NPTEL to gain some knowledge. After graduating, most of my classmates still haven't got a job. But every year the seats in the college are filled.

I want to share this because I think the education council is ignorant about what is happening in such colleges, which are started only with the motive of making money.

SRINIVASAN J., 22, Wireless Technologist